Wet Paint

Spray Painting

((Spray Painting (wet paint) finishes are not done in-house, they are sub-contracted items))

Paint application by spray is the most popular method in industry. In this, paint is atomized by the force of compressed air or by the action of high pressure compression of the paint itself, and the paint is turned into small droplets which travel to the article which is to be painted. Alternate methods are airless spray, hot spray, hot airless spray, and any of these with an electrostatic spray included. There are numerous electrostatic methods available. Primer is a preparatory coating put on materials before painting. Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material being painted. It can also be used to block and seal stains, or to hide a color that is to be painted over. The most common paint used on castings is enamel paint. Enamel is a paint that dries to an especially hard, usually glossy, finish. Enamel paints sometimes contain glass powder or tiny metal flake fragments instead of the color pigments found in standard oil-based paints and can also be sometimes mixed with varnish or urethane to increase shine as well as assist its hardening process. For most applications Powder Coating produces a more durable and long lasting finish than produced by wet painting processes.

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