Production Times

Estimated General Rule of Thumb for Machine Sizes Used In Precision Die Casting

(Production numbers will vary by machine sizes &manufacture)

Aluminium Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine - Production Times

Estimated Production Output Calculation (Dry Cycle*) Single Cavity of machine with 4 second Dry Cycle Time 1 minute divided by 4 seconds = 15 castings per minute, 15 X 60 = 900 Castings per hour 900 X 8 Hours = 7,200 castings per day dry cycle production. To calculate actual quantity per day all elements must be taken into consideration. Rule of thumb on a 100 Ton Machine could be 1/2 of dry cycle production.

*Dry cycle time does not allow for cooling time of casting, cooling time is a function of total mass and configuration of part being cast

Benefits of Precision Die Casting

  • High volume cost-effective production with consistent quality
  • Value engineered parts save money by eliminating costly post-casting operations
  • Easily manufacture complex net shaped parts with tight tolerances
  • Lower tool cost and longer tool life
  • Lowest total acquisition cost

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