J.CC11 Connectors

Key performance
Characteristic Impedance : 50 Ohm
Frequency range : 0~6GHz
Contact resistance :
Center conductor ≤ 1.5m Ohm
Out conductor ≤ 0.2m Ohm
Insulator voltage withstanding : 1500V
Applicable spec/std : J.Q/FD2002-09
straight ≤ 1.30
right angle ≤ 1.40
Connector durability : 500 cycles

Center contacts:
Male—brass, gold plated.
Female—phosphor bronze, gold plated
Bodies and other metal parts:
brass, nickel plated
Insulators: TFE
Crimp ferrule: copper, nickel plated.
Gasket and seal rings: silicone rubber
Heat-shrink tubing: thermofit plastic



J.CC11 J5YAG - J.CC11 ConnectorsJ.CC11-J5YAG
J.CC11 JW5YAG - J.CC11 ConnectorsJ.CC11-JW5YAG
J.CC11 KFD1 2 - J.CC11 ConnectorsJ.CC11-KFD-1/2
J.CC11 KFD3 - J.CC11 ConnectorsJ.CC11-KFD-3

J.CC11 KFD12 - J.CC11 ConnectorsJ.CC11-KFD12
J.CC11 KFD 3 - J.CC11 ConnectorsJ.CC11-KFD3
J.CC11 CCWX J501G - J.CC11 ConnectorsJ.CC11(CCWX)-J501G
J.CCWX J610G - J.CC11 ConnectorsJ.CCWX-J610G

Connector Interface

J.CC11Dimensions - J.CC11 Connectors

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