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Powder coating is a cost-effective way of improving the durability and corrosion resistance of aluminum, steel, zinc, brass and other materials. Our state-of-the-art high production volumes ovens make it possible to process large quantities of powder coated product in compliance with our customers’ designs.

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SEI/HZG Powder Coating Plant is a state-of-the-art facility. Designed to minimizing any negative environmental and social impact and be as self-sustainable as possible. For example our Ovens utilize clean energy sources, electricity and natural gas, and are designed to run at optimum efficiency. This also means maximizing the positive impact our presence can have on the local community by providing rewarding employment and clean air.

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The SEI/HZG Powder coating process begins before the powder goes on! The first step in the process is the selection of Powder, making the proper choice of powder coating material is very important in meeting environmental and end quality requirements. Each requirement has its own unique set of specifications and should be studied carefully. SEI/HZG has the prerequisite qualifications along with the hands on experience in selecting the correct powder for each application.

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The second step in the process is a thorough pre-treatment to remove lubricating oils, dirt, gasses and moisture from the part to be finished, SEI/HZG has developed a proprietary process that guarantees the surface is properly prepared and the powder will obtain optimum adhesion to the surface, assuring a long lasting high quality finish.

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The old way of improving corrosion resistance on metal surfaces was to cover the material with a primer prior to wet painting. However, paint does not adhere well not even with primers. SEI/HZGs Powder Coat Process is a better way to preserve the appearance and add greater durability along with added life of product. Powder coat systems have the advantage of producing an exceptionally impervious layer of protection in virtually any desired thickness without runs or drips. It adheres to edges better, and looks great.

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