Everything You Need To Know About Microwave Antennas

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Microwave antennas are important and are commonly used in different applications such as in communication towers, radios, global positioning satellites, etc. If you are searching for information about microwave antennas, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about microwave antennas. If you want to know more information, keep reading below to find out!

What is a Microwave Antenna?

A microwave antenna is a transmission device used to transmit microwave transmissions from one location to another. Antennas are commonly used in electronics, radar, and radio astronomy.

Microwave antennas are commonly used for radar, radio, and satellite communications as well as wireless communication systems. There are different types of microwave antennas and they have different uses. A microwave antenna has different characteristics which makes them suitable for different applications. You must be familiar with this knowledge so you will know and understand how the communication system works.

A communication system is responsible for transferring data from equipment or more to another or between two locations or more. Microwave antennas are important aspects of microwave networks. Microwave antennas are created to specifically match the mechanical and electrical requirements of the equipment.

Everything You Need To Know About Microwave Antennas - Everything You Need To Know About Microwave Antennas

Each microwave antennas has a different function and used in different applications and systems.
Here are some of the most common type of microwave antennas.

1. Micro Strip Patch Antenna – This type of antenna is used for radiating which connects to a ground plane on one side and a dielectric substrate on its opposite side.

The patch antenna commonly contains good metal conductors such as copper and gold. Patch antennas operate on frequencies that range from 100 MHz to 100 GHz. This type of antenna can be mass-produced due to its benefits such as low volume, less weight, and low-cost production.

This type of antenna is quite popular because of its great performance and uses. Microstrip antennas are used in paging devices, communication systems, cellphones, and global positioning satellites.

2. Parabolic Antenna – This type of antenna uses a parabolic reflector. It is commonly used to direct radio waves. It has a dish-like shape, where its name as a parabolic dish or dish antenna comes from. It offers different benefits and one of them is high directivity.

Parabolic antennas are used in applications such as point to point communications, as well as radio telescopes. This type of antenna is also used as radars, which commonly require the transmission of a narrow beam wave such as in ships and aircraft.

3. Horn Antenna – The Horn Antenna is also known as a Microwave Horn. This is a type of antenna that consists of a waveguide with end walls that are flared from the outside. Horn antennas are commonly used as antennas for microwave frequencies that are higher than 300 MHz.

Horn antennas are commonly used to measure the gain of other antennas such as in devices like microwave radiometers and automatic door openers. Horn antennas offer a lot of benefits, such as broad bandwidth, low-standing wave ratio, and moderate directivity. They are commonly used at microwave frequency for applications that require moderate power gain.

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Horn Antenna - Everything You Need To Know About Microwave Antennas

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