Why are Antennas Important?

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Nowadays, technology nowadays requires a lot of devices to function properly. One of the important devices in today’s technology is the antenna, especially for wireless connectivity that is commonly used in the home or office.

If you are wondering why antennas are important, you’ve come to the right place. Make sure to keep reading below because we will be sharing some facts about antennas and why they are important for today’s technology.

What are Antennas?

An antenna is a device used for receiving or transmitting signals. A working antenna must be created to be in-tune with the signals that you are seeking so your phone or radio can see the signal and allow you to hear a clear conversation. A poorly made antenna will not function properly and will not allow a call to get through. Depending on how an antenna is made, it can affect a customer’s perception of the product and it will greatly affect the products’ success in the market.
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Here are some of the important specifications of an antenna

1. Beamwidth – A beamwidth of an antenna is the measurement of the area over which the antenna receives a signal. If an antenna has a high gain, the beam width will be smaller.

2. Frequency – The frequency is directly proportional to the kinetic energy the electronic waves carry during the transmission. When the frequency is high it also affects the power of the wave. Wireless networking antennas operate using between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies.

3. Gain – An antenna’s gain is its ability to amplify the signals that it receives. The gain directly affects the antenna’s capability to receive a transmission. Gain is measured in decibels and it is also the antenna’s capture area and transmission or reception frequency.

Larger antennas tend to have higher gain values. For wide-area networks where data transmission will normally require the long-distance transmission of data, you have to get an antenna with a high gain rating which is greater than 10. If you will be using an antenna in a small area or a small space like a home or office setting, you can use a lower gain antenna.

Antenna design is important in a wireless product and here are some of the reasons why:

1. It provides gain – This helps increase the radiated signal without increasing the need for additional battery power.

2. Ensures consistent signal transmission – A good antenna will help you transmit all the signals in all directions so communication will not be lost or affected.

3. Maximizes signal levels – A working antenna will help maximize the signal while preventing noise reception.

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Antennas are one of the important components of wireless infrastructure. Antennas are normally used in radios and local area networks. For a wireless network to work properly, you will need an antenna that functions effectively and efficiently.

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