One of the most important forms of an RF antenna is the dipole antenna. It can be used on its own or be a part of a complicated antenna assembly. Dipole antennas are used commonly in RF antenna designs. In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about dipole antennas. If you want to know more information, make sure to keep reading below.

What is a dipole antenna?

“Di” means two, so the dipole antenna has two poles or two conductive elements. The current flows on the two poles or conductive elements and it causes the electromagnetic wave to be radiated externally from the antenna.

There are different types of dipole antennas, here are some of them:

1. Half-wave dipole antenna – The most common form of a dipole antenna. It got its name because it is equivalent to half of an electrical wavelength. It is the most widely used among the dipole antennas and it is resonant.

2. Multiple half waves dipole antenna – Multiple half-wave dipole antenna is a type of dipole antenna that is consists of a combination of multiple half wavelengths. In this set-up, the radiation pattern varies but can operate effectively.

3. Folded dipole antenna – This is a type of dipole antenna wherein the antenna is folded on itself and it is added with a half-wave conductor parallel to the dipole elements, so one end of the antenna is connected to the other presenting a DC short circuit. This allows the folded dipole antenna to be capable of providing higher feed impedance which results in having a wider bandwidth.

Folded dipole antenna - Everything You Need To Know About Dipole Antennas

Dipole antenna applications: What are the applications for a dipole antenna?

Dipole antennas are used in different areas; it is often used on its own or as a part of a more complicated antenna setup with the main purpose of transmitting electromagnetic signals externally.

HF wire dipole: It is commonly used as a wire antenna, which enables the signals to be received and transmitted accordingly. Dipole antennas are used for HF transmitting such as in amateur radios.

Part of the Yagi antenna: The dipole antenna is used as a driven element with a Yagi antenna. The folded dipole antenna is recommended to be used in Yagi antenna assemblies because the Yagi antenna can cause the feed impedance to decrease. By using a folded dipole, it can ensure that the feed impedance will work properly and efficiently.

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