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Custom manufacturing of protective aluminum electronic enclosures in smaller quantities can be costly and quite involved for some applications. SEI has available a complete line of various sized pre-engineered enclosures that can be readily used to house electronic control equipment, terminals & instruments intended for applications requiring weather tight environment. These “Off-the-Shelf” enclosures meet NEMA 4X standards & have successfully passed IP68, UL and FCC testing in a myriad other applications. All of these enclosures can be supplied with powder coated finish, a long lasting exceptionally durable baked on coating.

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Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It is highly reflective of light, heat, radiant energy and electric waves and is non-magnetic. It is non-parking, does not ignite or burn and is non-toxic. It can be formed by die casting into long lasting and durable enclosures.

The addition of a powder coating finish makes corrosion resistance even more effective.

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Aluminum is a remarkable material. It has a unique combination of properties that make it suitable for many different applications in various alloy forms. Aluminum is a light metal whose strength, corrosive and decorating properties can be improved by alloying with various other metals. It has good tensile strength over a wide range of temperatures and has excellent corrosion resistance. As aluminum is exposed to air a thin, glass-hard oxidized film forms on the surface this oxide film clings tenaciously to the metal’s surface, presenting an effective barrier to the elements.

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