E Series

SEI offers very competitive Aluminum and Zinc Die Cast Housings for your electronic housing requirements. We offer rapid prototyping and production capabilities ensuring design flexibility and top quality. We specialize in Short Run (10,000 to 20,000 castings per year) casting requirements. We offer fast, accurate, flexible service and top quality production for short run production. Our castings meet and exceed NEMA 4 , NEMA 4X and IP-65 requirements. Cast aluminum material is 92% of density of same milled aluminum material. (Standard alloys are A380 and 6061-T6 but other alloys are available as well)

Castings can be shipped in 2-4 weeks and shipping within 30 days or less is typical. Minor modifications can be accomplished at the customers request. Many of our modified castings have become standard parts for our customers.

Our engineering and development assistance team will aid you in your design process. Our metal casting process will stretch and will help you to maximize your ultimate goal of reducing costs while providing an improved product. Our mold fees are low, and molds are made from high grade steel insuring maximum life time. Typically our molds make 70,000 to 100,000 impressions.

  • E TEE 01 - E Series
  • E TEE 02 - E Series
  • E TEE 03 - E Series
  • E TEE 04 - E Series
  • E TEE 05 - E Series
  • E TEE 06 - E Series
  • E TEE 07 - E Series
  • E TEE 05 - E Series
  • E TEE 09 - E Series
  • E TEE 10 - E Series

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