SEI has 20 years of experience with die-casting aluminum enclosures. Aluminum Compression Molding is our area of expertise. SEI serves the Electronics Wireless Industry. Over the years we have expanded on our production line to include many custom weather tight outdoor enclosures. We strive to provide expert customer service at each step of the manufacturing process through SEI’s in house design capabilities and our prompt delivery record. Send us your inquiries today: Contact us

With our low mold fees, die casting a custom housing is an affordable alternative to machining even at quantities as low as 5,000 – 10,000 pieces annually. To further reduce cost, many details of a custom housing can be cast in directly, reducing the need for secondary procedures.

Advantages of Compression Molding

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Samples of our work are pictured on this page. Please note that we can supply much more than is shown here. For specific questions about our capabilities, please contact us.

  • Low mold cost
  • Life of mold is typically 70,000
  • Cost savings over machining
  • Less material required for Casting versus Machining

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