Does the standard cable unable to meet your needs? Sometimes when you are working with complicated applications, standard cables might not be the best option. So, rather than using standard cables, you should use custom cable assemblies. Purchasing the right cables is essential to any application that requires cable assemblies, whether you are installing a home theater system that needs a special power cable, or you are dealing with an industrial application that requires a customized coax.

Most often, using standard cables or poor wiring can result in technical problems or improper setup. When it comes to critical industrial applications, a minor glitch can likely result in a momentary shutdown which can lead to disaster.

Of course, standard cables can work in most instances, however, custom cables have unique advantages that cannot be provided by off-the-shelf or standard cables. Here, we are going to explore the top applications and benefits of custom cable assemblies.


An accurate number of cables can be ordered based on the requirements of a certain application. This means that there are no excess cables or wastage left after completing the assembly. The exact stranding, size, and conductor can be optimized while the assembly is designed.


Custom cables are produced based on the specifications of the design. This means that their application will precisely fit into the tolerance level designed for the assembly.


You can choose the length of cable that will be manufactured based on the needs of the project or application. As a result, you will have a clean setup, without any additional wires and cables to hide.

Material Requirement

When constructing the cable, you can specify the material being used such as the jacket, insulation, and shield, so that it will perfectly suit the application. When it comes to critical applications such as medical use, you can control the manufacturing process and material sources.

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The person constructing the custom cable assembly should collaborate with the cable manufacturer. Hence, the manufacturer will be responsible for the standard and quality of the cables that were ordered and likewise guarantees that the setup is functional.

Saves Time

Rather than spending your time making standard cables fit into your application, you can save time if you use custom cables. Hindrances such as connector ends, cable length, the resistance of cables, mismatches of specification, and faulty cables can be eliminated by simply opting for custom cables.

Quality Assurance

The custom cable manufacturer can provide you with all the critical applicable test data such as resistance to chemical exposure, temperature performance, tolerances, and electrical parameters, so you can guarantee that the cable has been tested based on specific parameters prior to its assembly.

Higher Performance

Since custom cables have undergone extensive testing and a strict manufacturing process you can be assured that they can provide you with higher performance than their standard counterparts. Additionally, custom cables have a longer-lasting life span, hence, you can save money in the long run.

Additional Services

Most often, custom cable manufacturers also offer other types of services including laser marking and design so you can choose the best custom cables for your project or application. As a result, you can enjoy big cost savings.

Numerous Functions

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For specific applications or projects such as security and surveillance, it is possible that custom cables can be incorporated with numerous functions such as cable shielding, video, coax, optical fiber, signal, power, etc. All these functions can be incorporated into one cable. With this unique solution, you can save space.

Professional Branding

When ordering your custom cables, you can customize their specifications for aesthetics such as the texture, look and feel, as well as color matching. All you must do is provide all the details to the cable manufacturer when ordering your custom cable. Labels can also be added for easy identification. As a result, your project will look tidy, neat, and clean, making it look like it is professionally done.

What Are the Applications of Custom Cable Assemblies?

The following are some of the industries where custom cable assemblies can be used:


In this digital age and broadcasting, custom cables can be very useful, particularly in fiber optic technology. Whether you are using a computer, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device that require a network, custom cable assemblies can help you in transferring data faster. For critical networks, cable technicians usually use custom fiber optic cables. They can do the job which standard cables can’t.

Medical Industries

Hospitals and healthcare have specific requirements for their wiring and cables. Keep in mind that excessive moisture and high temperature can quickly damage the cables. Hence, the medical industry should use custom cables that can sustain these conditions.


Custom cables are used by the different branches of the military. From the units on the field and securing confidential messages to powering overseas military bases. Also, take note that the cables being used in military operations must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and can perform efficiently under intense exposure, most especially during their missions. Hence, the best option that can meet these critical requirements is custom cables.

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One of the largest industries that requires cable assemblies is the automotive industry. It is important that vehicles have proper cable assembly, from the engine to the dashboard, so that they can work efficiently.


Due to advanced technology, more and more products are needed by the aerospace industry. For optimum performance, aircraft must use quality cables on their workspaces and digital instruments. From the receiving units at the base to the cockpits, precise cables are relevant for making the flight a success.


Aside from the look and style, there are a lot of other things that are going on in your electronic gadgets. You can find a lot of custom cables working behind the user interface to ensure that it functions properly and delivers what it’s supposed to do while being user-friendly and compact.

Industrial Controls

Huge hydraulics and machinery that are used in the production line require cables for transmitting power as well as signals.

Utility Industry

We all know that public utility companies have a lot of functions such as providing streetlight timings, powering houses, etc. To accomplish all of these, custom cables are needed for transmitting power.

Testing and Measuring Equipment

In order to verify whether a certain appliance, gadget, model, or piece of equipment meets the specific requirements, testing and measuring devices must be used. Some of these instruments have simple wiring, however, there are others that require complex custom assemblies for providing precise and high-quality testing results.

Sensors and Scanners

Different equipment and devices such as automated kiosks, terminals of instruments, and POS scanners are using custom cables.

Choose a Trusted Custom Cable Provider

The specifications of custom cable assembly vary depending on the industry and application. That is why you should choose a trusted custom cable provider that can provide you with the custom cables that you require. You could also design your own custom cable by choosing your connector type, cable brand, cable type, etc. so you can have the perfect cable for your application.

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