75 Ohm

RF and Microwave connectors: SEI manufactures a wide variety of Standard Microwave and RF connector products.  We offer connectors that cover from DC to 40 GHz.  A sampling of the standard connectors are as follows: SMA,  SSMA, ISMA, 2.92, Type N, MCX, MMCX, SMB, SMC, 7/16, SMP, BNC, TNC etc, We offer a broad line of  in-series and between series adaptors.  We manufacture both 50 ohm and 75 ohm designs.  If you have a requirement for reverse polarity connectors, we can supply you with product

  • 75-BNC Connectors
  • 75-DSA Connectors
  • 75-F Connectors
  • 75-L9 Connectors
  • 75-MCX Connectors
  • 75-SAA Connectors
  • 75-SMB Connectors
  • 75-SMC Connectors
  • 75-SMZ Connectors
  • 75-SSMB Connectors
  • 75-TNC Connectors

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