SMZ Connectors

Key performance
Characteristic Impedance : 50 Ohm
Frequency range : 0~4GHz
Contact resistance :
Center conductor ≤ 6.0m Ohm
Out conductor ≤ 2.0m Ohm
Insulation resistance : ≥ 1000M Ohm
Insulator voltage withstanding : 1000V
VSWR : ≤ 1.30
Connector durability :500 cycles
Applicable spec/std : GJB681A MIL-C-39012

Center contacts:
Male---brass, gold plated.
Female---beryllium copper, gold plated
Bodies other metal parts:
brass, gold plated
Insulators: TFE
Crimp ferrule: copper, nickel plated.
Gasket and seal rings: silicone rubber
Heat-shrink tubing: thermofit plastic.
crimp ferrule: copper, nickel plated
seal rings: silicone rubber



SMZ Interface Dimensions



SMZ-JFD Connector
SMZ-J3 Connector
SMZ-KB3 Connector
J.SMZ-K5 Connector
SMZ-K4Y/5Y Connectors



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